Four huge benefits of staging your house when you it's time to sell.

Even in today’s hot seller’s market, you should be staging your house when you sell. Here are four reasons why it makes sense to stage your home:

1. Modernized. Staging your home gives it an updated and modern look. This really appeals to today’s buyers.

2. Remove noes. Staging your home removes noes that buyers might be thinking about. When buyers walk into a home, they might focus on things that don’t work for them or their lifestyle. If the staging is neutral and contemporary, they’re not focused on thinking about whether they could move furniture around, have different artwork, or paint colors to make it work for their life.

“Staging creates an experience for buyers that walk into your home.”

3. Maximize space. Staging maximizes the space in your home and creates an experience for buyers that walk into your home. The stager can place the furniture so that traffic patterns are very natural and the rooms look more open and inviting as people walk through the house.

4. Accentuating your home’s best features. Stagers are experts at placing furniture to create focal points in your home so that buyers appreciate the best things your home has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about staging, reach out to me by phone or email. We have lots of options for staging that are affordable and result in an increased sales price.